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    The Alabama Crimson Tide are coming off a hard fought 83- 86 win against Virginia Tech, while Villanova cruised past Radford 87-61 in a one sided trashing of the highlanders. Both teams will square off in the first game of the second round in less than 24 hours. Below are a few of the do’s and don’ts for the Bama MBB team if they plan on putting a dent on the No.1 seeded team’s championship aspirations.

    The wild cats have the most efficient offense in college basketball; they average a little less than 1.20 points per ball possession. Villanova also has a mediocre rebounding percentage; they are ranked 81st, yes 81st in the country in terms of total rebounding percentage.

    In order to have a shot at winning this game, Bama must try to and succeed in controlling the tempo of the game, the wildcats play on average two possessions faster than their opponents. Constricting the flow of the wildcats’ game is paramount to defeating this highly ranked beast.

    Believe it or not, Villanova’s Eric Paschall will be a key component for Bama, if we are going to win. Paschall has a staggering 17.1% turnover rate, the highest on his team, if the Tide players can get into his head, and make him loose his cool on the field of play then we can force a couple of turnovers from Paschall and maybe a couple of his teammates. This shouldn’t be impossible for a team that forces on average 13 turnovers per game.

    Constricting Wildcat star, Jalen Brunson’s flow with his buddy Mikal Bridges is a must do if we are going to advance to the sweet sixteen. Brunson alone averaged 19.4 points and 4.7 assists per game this season, this goes to show just how dangerous this man is when he is on the prowl, this wildcat must be tamed on Saturday.

    Colin Sexton and Donta Hall must be properly utilized; Hall will have a tough match up against Villanova’s Omari Spellman, who is a defensive genius that averages over 10 points per game. This isn’t a totally unwinnable game for the Tide, we just have to do a few things right, and hope Villanova do a few things wrong.

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