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    The University of Alabama crimson tide football team lost a few talented underclassmen to the NFL
    draft, while they graduated a few seniors. This gives a few backup players and freshmen the chance to
    step up and fill up the gap in talent. Each and every spring, the crimson tide features a few unknown
    players that will become stars in September.

    Today, we’ll highlight a few potential stars that have what it takes to become college football stars and
    potentially take the NFL by storm in the not so distant future. Spring practice is a great chance for
    underplayed players to show the coaching staff what they are made of, and potentially earn a starting
    spot or at the very least, more game time.

    Below, are three of the most outstanding players so far this spring.

    First and foremost, we have Phidarian Mathis, a 6 foot 4, 308 pounds redshirt freshman from the great
    state of Louisiana, this spring might be arguably one of the most important for Mathis, if he impresses
    his coaches enough and improves his work ethic he might just get the chance to jump right into the
    action, due to the opening made in the defensive line at tackle. If he does end up getting more game
    time, he won’t be alone as he would have seasoned veteran Johnny Dwight to assist him and he could
    possibly pick up one or two things from Dwight.

    Consequently, we have Alex Leatherwood, a 6 foot 6, 322 pounds sophomore offensive lineman; he was
    recruited out of the US state of Washington. During his first season with the crimson tide, Leatherwood
    struggled to adapt to a higher level of football, pundits speculate that this might have been due to poor
    training habits and/or insufficient work ethic. Whatever caused his poor performance last season, his
    performance during the CFP National Championship game is a cause for celebration, there might just be
    light at the end of the tunnel.

    Last, but not least, we present to you Brian Robinson Jr. a 6 foot 1 Alabama native. This Running Back
    received minimal game time during his freshman season both as a running back and on special teams.
    Things have been looking up for Robinson so far this spring, his work ethic has been applauded by both
    the members of the coaching staff and teammates.

    After all is said and done, it’s safe to say that things are looking even better for the crimson tide going
    into 2018 season.

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